Monday, 26 April 2010

NYX on sale!!

Hello Biuties!
On this fab Monday I woke up, checked my emails and saw a certain comment on my latest video that had me all excited and very very veryyy happy!
ILikeItRandom (hello darling!) from youtube wrote:
"there's a nyx sale going on...16 jumbo pencils for 9 dollars..:) i just put in my order."
Yeah now you understand my excitement!The NYX website is having a major sale, selling bundle of products at a ridiculous +80% off...
I was on there, filled out my cart then realized they only ship to the US...
boohooo NYX! Don't to that to me! giving hope and then shatter all those dreams in a matter of seconds!
I am pissed but it definitely is a news worth sharing as they have lipsticks bundles, eyeshadows, pigments, jumbo eyeshadow pencils and more and its definitely worth a look.
So for my US ladies, take advantage and for the rest of US let us watch in disgust or call up some long lost relative who happens to live there to pick some up for for you... *sight*
Hurry though as they only have 1000 available stock of each bundle.
And lastly I do accept generous gifts :) lol

Have a happy Monday!!

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  1. wooow! to bad i dont live in the us either =[