Tuesday, 20 April 2010

New blog background

Hello Biuties!
Just because I love summer so much and I can't wait for those high temperatures I though I would let the blog have summer before I do :)
What do you think of it, do you like it?
I love that it makes the blog look so fresh and airy, but be patient, I still have to change the font colors and do a post divider...
I do make my own backgrounds and its a lot of fun doing them, its super easy and you get to put whatever you want on there. Plus you're sure no one else has it.
And I also changed my twitter page. The colors have nothing to do with this yellow but its still cute! http://twitter.com/lilbiuty
Check it out and feel free to follow me if you're not already :)


  1. This is nice, clean & crisp.