Friday, 30 April 2010

My Makeup collection/storage! [Pic heavy!]

Hello Biuties!
This was another request, I received quite a few messages asking how I store my makeup and what's in there.
After spending a lot of time cleaning all of my brushes last night I decided to tidy up my makeup space as well so as it was all clean and tidy I decided to make the video today!

Lip Products
Eye products
[palettes (Sleek, MAC, Inglot, ELF), mascaras and eyeliners]
Face products
[blushes, foundations, primers, powders...]
Pigments/glitters drawer & individual e/s
Lashes & nail care stuff
Nail Polishes

Keep your requests coming!


  1. WOW your collection is really large lol

  2. What a great stash! And you've organised it perfectly. I love the letter holder thing you have your palettes in.

  3. great collection! I need to find some of those little storage bins for my lipsticks so i can see the actual label and know what color i'm grabbing.

  4. oooh where are the butterfly things from, they are so sweet?