Tuesday, 27 April 2010

My blushes!

Hello Biuties!
This was a request, I was asked to show my blushes and show which ones I use the most and least. So lets get started!1. Bourjois "Lilas d'Or"
2. Stila "Peony"
3. Beauty UK #3
4. 2True #4
5. BarryM #4
6. Sleek "Flushed"
7. Illamasqua "Sin"
8. Illamasqua "Complex"
9. NARS "Gilda"
10. NARS "Exhibit A"
1. MAC "Tippy" (Hello Kitty)
2. MAC "Breezy" (Permanent)
3. MAC "X-Rocks" (Neo Sci-fi)
4. MAC "Plum du Bois" (Cult of Cherry)
5. MAC "Devil" (Manish Arora)
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish "Brunette"


  1. You have really nice blushes. The Illamasqua Sin reminds me of MAC's Dirty PLum a little


  2. great blush collection!!! i wanna get me a Illamasqua one to try... how are those? are they really nice?? btw, thanks for sharing!! you are gorgeous!!


  3. Illamasqua Sin looks gorgeous *____*

  4. love x-rocks, tippy and breezy....gorg shades....great post!!

  5. pinkk!! <3 i love that colour
    great swatches :) xx

  6. Great swatches! I definately need Sin and Exhibit A :D

  7. Hiya!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog! MAC Devil and NARS' Gilda and wonderful! I may have to invest in them lol.
    In answer to your question,i LOVE the MAC cover up concealer!! I used to use the studio fix one, but it made my skin reeeally pasty! This new one really blends into my skin, leaving a matt finish, which i love. I deffo recommend!

    And I agree with u in regards to the colour. I could never go out wearing too many bright colours so i usually go with a bold lip only instead.

    And yes, ambering rose is nice huh?! I really really like it :)

  8. Hey doll!! Where can you get "2True" blushes and what shade is that!? Is the swatch for the Illamasqua Complex blush numbered wrong? It looks like "Sin" was used for "Complex's" number!? Not sure though. I would love to have Complex, cant get it here though :[

    LOVE your blog!!!!