Monday, 12 April 2010

Music Monday!

During the weekends I spend hours with my ipod and earphones.
It just calms me and I forget the stress of the past week and the weeks to come.
So I thought every Monday I'd share the song that I've been listening to the most during the weekend.
I'm a believer in good music and although its hard to find these days there is always something to match my mood and make me feel whatever it is that I want to feel. Back home there is always music playing somewhere in the house. Every single room has speaker or some kind of device to get the sound out. That house is never quiet so its only fitting that I share!This weekend Maxwell's songs have been playing on repeat; from his first album to the latest I've been listening to it all. And still my favorite song is this one:

Maxwell - This Woman's Work

He's on tour this summer in the States and the amazing Jill Scott will accompany him.I'm sooo jealous I wish I could be there. They are 2 of my favorite and imagining these 2 on stage together just makes me smile... urghhh I need to go live on the other side of this pond!
Plus the man is FIIIIIIIHHHIIINE (don't tell the hubby I said that)

1 comment:

  1. Do you know the Kate Bush original of that song?
    It's one of my favourite songs ever :-)