Monday, 12 April 2010

The makeup station!

If you can remember a few weeks ago during the weekend I was busy rearranging my makeup storage.
Before then the table was a mess! with all the reviews I had to do storing away the stuff was far far away at the back of my mind.
So my tidiness went out the window and when I finally woke to see the extent of my laziness this is what I found...
Lawd I needed a big kick on the backside for this!
I'm never messy but at this point I was just tired with having to rearrange everything all the time.The drawers were overflowing and finding anything in them was just a nightmare!
But my makeup doesn't deserve to be treated like that!
Something had to be done

I adore my mirror! I bought it for £10 YES £10 at Wilkinson and its proper HUGE! I thinks its the best mirror I've ever bought...

All better, all clean and organized and a lot brighter
The drawer storage on the left can be bought in any DIY store or storage stores - Asda sells some as well.
The drawers on the left were bought at WHSmith for £17. I adore it! Its a bit on the pricey side I think but I love the quality of it. Its a lot sturdier and bigger than the standard stationary drawer sets.
Lilian from Funny Face's place also got some from WHSmith the same set of drawer with a really cute cupcake design! Check these ones out here!

I'll do a video on what I have and where soon!
Where and how do you store your makeup?

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  1. You did a fabulous job doll! Looks great, very clean and organized! ♥

  2. You did a great job sweetie! I love those WHSmith drawers. I will be investing in some when i move to london =D. XO

  3. Wow! Nice storage set up. You've inspired me to re-organize my stash...I've even got some in my living room, lol! (the hubby isn't too happy about that)

  4. Thank you ladies!
    @Mocha Mish Mash I totally know what you mean! The hubby (and myself) don't understand how lipsticks end up in HIS pockets lol

  5. loving your new set up. I have a whole room. but damn. too much stuff. im still working on it!!!

  6. Oooh it looks really neat and great now! I love the black and white smiths drawers, they're very classy!