Friday, 16 April 2010

Hello and Green eyed video!

Hello biuties!!
First of all I'd like to say a big welcome to my new followers! I hope you won't leave as soon as the giveaway ends :( but most of all I hope you enjoy reading my blog and it entertains you somehow... So thank you and I wish I could get all of you guys something! (I'm sending you all virtual money, hope £500 is enough to treat yourself) lol... yeah that wasn't funny I know
Moving on swiftly!

I've been MIA for 2 days as I was doing my hair, I prefer doing them myself as first of all its cheap and I'm as cheap as cheap can be, but most importantly I can do it myself and have nothing better to do :D
Its massive hair, I didn't expect it to be as big but its all good, I can make it work!
So just to show if off a little I did a video last night with this look

Its green and although green is my least favorite color I really like this combination.
On the left eye I used colors from the sleek Safari palette
And on the right eye I used the same colors but added on top some MAC and BarryM just to intensify it and it looks gorgeous.
I know that if I had used a white or green base the sleek side would have come out a lot more vibrant but I didn't even think about it, will do next time I suppose.
Enough talking, more showing!
-On left eye-
Sleek Idivine "Safari" palette
MAC e/s in "Brun"

-On right eye-
Sleek Idvine "Safari" palette
MAC e/s in "Brun" "Goldmine" "Lucky Green" "One-off"
BarryM dazzledust in "Parrot Green"

Sleek "Dip it" black eyeliner
Bourjois 1001 lashes mascara
GOSH pencil eyeliner in "Bananas" "Lemon Soda" "Alligator"
MAC kohl pencil in "Feline"

Beauty UK blusher #3

MAC lipstick "Taupe"
MAC lipgloss in "Baby Blooms"

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  1. I'm not keen on green either as a general rule (especially nail polishes, urgh!) but I think the colour really suits you.

  2. i actually love green combos, you definitely pulled it off here! :)