Monday, 12 April 2010

Giveaway swatches!

Hello Biuties!
I did swatches of the items that I could ie items that I myself have.
First off items from Prize #1
From left to right:
Boots 17 lipgloss in "Fuzzy Yellow Petal Flutter"
Inglot black and gold sparkles eyeshadow #64 (I tried to photograph the gold sparkle but its very hard!! nevertheless in person it looks gorgeous)
Inglot golden eyeshadow #404

Items from Prize #2
Rimmel London lipstick in "Lily Extase" #340
GOSH cool lip jam #101

Yesterday while putting my makeup away I realized that I bought an eyeshadow from Inglot that I already have. I'm soo pissed about that but yeah, just shows how much I love that color.
So instead of keeping it I thought I might add it to prize #2 I've never used it, it has just been slightly swatched and I've already disinfected it with rubbing alcohol.
However if the winner doesn't want it I'll pick up a third winner to get it.
On the pic below the color is the one in the middle #407
I'm dooooone!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway here!
Ends on the 25th

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  1. Thanks so much for the swatches! I think you're the first blogger who dos so. Bravo! Oh, I'm very sorry to read about the doubled e/s incident! There should be e/s wheels, honestly. Btw, I'd take it if I were the winner as I'd like to try Inglot. I have no access to them. Wrong country. :-)But well, I'm not that lucky so I just can say that you have to ask the winner if she's interested in an extra e/s.