Friday, 30 April 2010

Clean Brushes

Hello Biuties!!
Last night at 1am I couldn't sleep and was sooo bored!
So I decided to clean all of my brushes (even the ones which didn't need it) as well as my brush holder.
And while I was at it I cleaned the makeup station.
That got me real tired and after all the cleaning I finally manage to get some ZZZ

AHH clean brushes...
I don't even want to use them :( and they smell so nice! And I need to find something to bring back white brushes to their former glory!
Any suggestion??


  1. lol, thats quite a lot of cleaning at 1am :)

    i love your brush stand/case....where did you get it from?

  2. This might help, it's from a craft store but is perfectly safe to use on makeup brushes. And I'm sure there are other equivalent products if you cant find it :)

  3. Wow you have so many beautiful brushes! That's a whole lot of cleaning! I'm so lazy i barely clean mine every couple of months.