Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Unposted FOTDs & Looks

Hello Biuties!
I feel like its been awhile!
But fear not I'm still here and been busy with life.
This is my last week with my husband before he has to leave so its an emotional one! I'll be a right mess next week but fortunately my mum and brother will be here so there'll be loads of shopping and fun! Perfect to take my mind off the fact that he's not here :(

Anyway lets move on!
I was looking at my pics from the past months and found a few looks that I haven't posted.
Plus my new habit is to try on different looks late at night just to experiment and play around.
Its a nice and quiet time to and I definitely feel inspired at that time!

So first here are the unposted FOTDs!
And here are the looks I've come up with in the past week!Like something and would like a tutorial? Just ask!


  1. i am loveing the rainbow look :)

  2. Great looks! That gold and bronze look is gorgeous.

  3. You look beautiful in them all, i think black eyeliner and bright pink lipstick really really suits you. I really love the look with one false eyelash, very interesting. And the second to last rainbow-coloured eye is just lovely.

  4. your makeup is FIERCE. i need to definately learn how to do it that well. loving your blog

  5. really beautiful,love all e pics hun u always look so amazing lol