Thursday, 4 March 2010

Swatches mania!

Since yesterday I've been obsessed with swatches and unfortunately it has just lengthened the already huge size of my wishlists...
So I thought I'd be malicious and share the links with you guys.
Why sulk on what you can't have alone right?!

First Pursebuzz's website in which you have swatches of loads of NYX eyeshadows as well as MAC and other brands. To check out the website click here and to directly jump on to the swatches gallery click here!

Next its of course Until yesterday I didn't even know she had swatches of all the MAC permanent collection stuff. There are blushes, eyeshadows, lipsticks, lipglosses and even guides to MAC brushes!! You can spend hours on there!
Don't forget to check out the videos!
A real useful resource for anyone who is new to MAC or makeup itself. Just browse the pages!
Check it all out here!

You can also go on where in the forum you can find swatches posted by users and these are categorized by brands.
Here's the link to the Swatches part of the forum.

And that is how I spent my night yesterday, taking notes of what I will need to buy in the future.
Usually when I look for swatches I just google it and search in the images section but this way I discovered shades that I never knew existed or that I just zapped.

Hope some stuff here were helpful to you guy!
Do you have any links to share?

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  1. Oh you terrible enabler you! I often stay up late looking at swatches and making long long lists about what i 'need' in the future :P