Monday, 8 March 2010

Naughty buys!

I spent the morning in London and as some of you may know I hate going to London.
The frustration was increased when I was told that I had gone to London for no reason at all. Urgh stupid embassy, they don't even communicate between themselves.
Anyways since I was already in London and had a few pounds left on my giftcard I went to Selfridges to check out the new MAC collection and some Illamasqua lipsticks.
Technically the spending ban is still on as I didn't spend a penny of my own money so I'm all good...

Unfortunately nothing looked interesting to me today.
I didn't find the Color Forecast collection too interesting, The blushes were cute but not as intense as I'd hoped and I just felt lazy swatching the eyeshadows and crush metals.
But of course I had to get out of there with something.. so this is what I picked up from MAC!
Lucky Green eyeshadow and Breezy blusher

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