Sunday, 28 March 2010

Fashion Fair liquid foundation review

Hello Biuties!
The long awaited review of the Fashion Fair liquid foundation is here!!
I was supposed to post this yesterday but Youtube was getting on my nerve so finally uploaded it during the night.

The good:
It is a perfect shade for me, the closest match I have ever found to date!!
The sturdiness of the packaging
It is oil-free & frangrance free which is great for problematic, sensitive skin or oily skin
It give a beautiful glowy finish without looking shiny

The bad:
It does not have a pump!! and you can't buy any separately
It doesn't contain any SPF (protects against the rays of the sun -UV)
It dries pretty fast which give you less time to blend efficiently

The ugly:
Although I like this foundation there are only 4 shades available and mine is the lightest (Tender Brown) and I am a NC50! It is great news for ladies darker than me and who have dark skin with red undertones but if you are lighter you might not find that it matches you.

I love this foundation, mixed a good primer it gives a beautiful finish and most importantly for me it does not make my face "shine" after 10 minutes.

The brand in general has been around for a pretty long time and caters for WOC only. It does have an extensive range of skincare products as well as makeup.
Before buying this foundation I had a pretty bad opinion of the brand because of a past experience but still decided to give it a go and I definitely don't regret it!

If you have a very dark complexion you might find your happiness as everything with regards to makeup and skincare is aimed to compliment your skintone, from the lipsticks to the blushes the colors are designed to actually show and work for your complexion.
However I think that if you are lighter than a NC 45 you might struggle to find something that will suit you, except from the "Fast Finish foundation" range.
The only problem with the "concept" of the brand is that there isn't much color to choose from when it comes to eyeshadows and blushes, everything is on the neutral side which can be a bit boring. However I believe that whatever your skintone you can buy makeup from every brand out there but there is a limit when it comes to foundation and concealer and I think that Fashion Fair is the only brand out there that I have seen that has foundation for very dark skin and I was very impressed by that.

So next time you pass in front of a Fashion Fair counter stop and have a look you might be pleasantly surprised!

I don't know why my eyebrows are purple on the pic... its veeery odd
White & Blue from Inglot
Dark purple from Manly 120 color palette
Maybelline liner definer eyeliner
Falsies bought on ebay
GOSH waterproof pencil eyeliners in "Blue Lagoon" & "Black Ink"

MAC lipsticks "Up The Amp" & "Most Popular"

Illamasqua blusher in "Sin"

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  1. Fashion fair is get for photography because it doesnt have spf.
    I'm going to have to check that out!