Monday, 1 March 2010

The dream Vanity

Hello Biuties!
The Hubby and I plan to build our own house as he has some land in the Caribbean and the location is perfect for a house. We already have the plans and all and now all that's left to do is save and build!
In the meantime I can dream and fantasize on my dream makeup room.
Yeah you heard me right, makeup ROOM!
This will be the size of it:I love the the decor and the carpet looks heavenly.
I would make it the best girly room ever! Now I just have to convince SOMEONE of my vision...

I want a table that would serve as a desk as well as a vanity/makeup storage.
So the table has to be really deep and long with loads of drawers and a lot of surface space.
Not forgetting the huge mirror with lights...
And it will have to be chic of course!
The legs on this table are so pretty and I love the floor and curtains!
The option of loads of drawers is a no brainer! This one is too small but the different levels on the table and the number of drawers is perfect.
I quite like this one. I would need it bigger though.
I like the fact that its tall and has different types of storage. I can imagine having all of my face products on the upper right side of the cupboard and the makeup in the drawers. And on the other side I see all of my handbags and scars and hats as well. Or maybe a shoes cupboard...
The possibilities are endless!!

I know I can't find that dream vanity in a shop but the hubby has a friend that does furniture and he promised me my vanity. I can't wait to get my hands in there, its going to be the mother of all vanities and my brain is going a bit overboard with ideas and its even thinking of having a sink to wash brushes... talk about multipurpose!

What does your dream vanity/makeup storage look like?


  1. omg i would love the third vanity table it has so much storage :)

  2. The third and fourth vanity <3 Gorgeous !
    I'd love to have pic no.4 as my room!