Monday, 1 March 2010

Alice In Wonderland Wanted!!

Hello Biuties!
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!
I'm going to start the week with an appeal.
After 3 failed attempts to buy the Alice in Wonderland Palette I was feeling determined to let it go until I actually had a dream about it and now it has become a NEED rather than a want. (Like all the makeup I buy lol)
Unfortunately I don't live in London and my local Debenhams doesn't have an Urban Decay counter(fools!!!)
So I'll just throw it out there and ask if anyone could find it in their kind hearts to buy me one and send me a paypal invoice or we can arrange a bank transfer anything that would suit you.
I'm extremely serious when it comes to paying people back, one think I know is don't play with finances!!!
Anyways thanks for reading and if you are interested in making someone extremely happy please send me an email at



  1. Apparently the Oxford street Debenhams is sold out. If anywhere near me has it in stock i'll happily get you one if i can :)

  2. Oxford Street are suppose to have a delivery today, but after that no more apparently! - I'll be heading to Bromley later in the Week and will check for you then!

    ...If all fails, keep an eye out for my competition as I'll have one up for grabs! ;o) x

  3. I've been wanting to get it. There are several shops here in Austin, I will check for it. Send me an email if your still in need and I have no problems picking you up one. Plus if I can get it from Ulta I have a coupon for 20% off. Anything to help another beauty lover. My email address is:

  4. Thank you ladies so much! I'm keeping my fingers crossed and actually managed to promise someone if I get this no makeup for the rest of the month... and its only the 1st!!! lol

  5. why dont you just buy it from eBay? :)

  6. @Charmed-chick I did have a browse on ebay unfortunately a palette that is meant to cost £28 is being sold for £50 and that excludes the shipping. I want the palette but those prices are just ridiculous in my opinion.