Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Alice In Wonderland update!

Yesterday I unashamedly begged for an Alice in Wonderland palette [see post here] and a lot of you guys promised to keep your eyes open.
I thank you so so much for the looking out and I am glad to say I managed to get one!
A few minutes ago I was on the Debenhams website wanting to take advantage of their 20-25% off on their whole website.
Didn't find anything interesting so decided to have another look at the AIW palette, clicked on add to bag and there it was in my online basket waiting for me pay.
You can't imagine the look on my face and the look on the hubby's face as I was racing down the flat screaming while trying to find where I had ditched my handbag.
I'm so so glad to say all is well the palette has been paid and better arrive soon!!
I hope with all of my being that it wasn't a system glitch or something!

Unfortunately for me in my moment of despair I promised that if I could get my hands on that palette I wouldn't buy anymore makeup for the rest of the month.
I'll let you all know how that works out for me lol.
Click here for the link to the palette
For free delivery on all orders enter this code (will work today and tomorrow only):SHM4
For another code for free delivery that apparently works all the time:SHD1


  1. SO COOL! I have my eye on this palette.

  2. Wow your so pretty! Cute blog :)

    I'm following you please be sure to follow me in return at http://thatbrowneyedbrunette.blogspot.com/

    I got AWI palette about a month ago I did a review on it you can check it out if you want! :)

    Im so excited for the movie!! how about you?