Thursday, 11 February 2010

Randomness and a great find!

Hello Biuties!
I'm preparing a post about foundation (which will be a follow up post from the skincare post) and I'll post that during the weekend.
In the meantime I wanted to share with you guys something I found yesterday about finding out what your foundation shade is based on a foundation you already own.
This is great if you have a product you can't swatch or if you want to try out different foundation but don't know which shade to pick.

So after a few minutes of research I found this great chart on Temptalia where you can find out what shade you could be on different foundations. There are a lot listed and its based on MAC foundation "codes".
It is great because as users you can add your own foundation matches as well as alternatives.
You can also add a makeup brand and share!
So please if you can build the chart up and share/spread the world it would be great and very helpful to a lot of people out there!
The chart is Here

I'm also a few members away from 150 followers and once I've reached that target I'll have a gorgeous giveaway so please spread the word!

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