Thursday, 18 February 2010

Quick update!

Hello Biuties!
I feel like its been ages since I've put something on here and I just felt like I needed to let you all know what has been going on.

First of I'm so happy that I've passed the 150 followers mark!!
Huge pat on the back to all of yous and myself.
I promised a giveaway and its on its way. I already bought a few stuff and just need to pick up a few more. So no worries, its on its way.
I have a haul video that I'll put up tomorrow, I've been shopping (yes again) but it was guilt free so it was x10 better! But I won't buy anything else until April... unless its a present... or I REALLY need it... (yeah I don't believe that either but I'll try)
I also have a few review videos that I have to make. But first I need to rediscover my camcorder as I definitely need better image quality.

Now onto the bad stuff!
One of my tooth has been hurting me for a few days now. Its not agonizing pain but its the kind of pain you get when you eat or drink something really cold. So I need to find a dentist before it gets any worse. Wish me well people, I hate dentist with all my being! (I'm already crying...)
I've been battling with administrative stuff for months now which means hours on the phone, lots of money spend of postage and favors, so I'm just praying so hard that it will be over really soon as the wait is getting to me. So pray for me you guys!!
Oh and I need to write about my London experience yesterday. I think that was my worst trip to London ever and some sales assistants at beauty counters are just rude and soooo unsanitary I was in shock.

More tomorrow!
Oh and my biutiful UK peeps, when is Nars orgasm illuminator coming out in the shops?

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  1. Hey you =).
    Congrats on reaching the 150 follower marker =P. I hope your teeth will be alright and I'm sure the dentist will be okay too ^__^.

    The NARS Orgasm Illuminator is suppose to be released today in Space NK and March 1st everywhere else =P. So much for tryna stop shopping ;). But I'm tryna stop too, just after I get this and a couple of other stuffz LOL. XX