Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Lash Love

Hello Biuties!
Just a quick haul to show you the eyelashes that arrived last week.
Here's the post in which I elaborate more about where I got them and at what price.
Lets get started with some pictures!

They arrived in a box wrapped in a really cute paper

In that cute box were 18 different but equally fabulous falsies
I'm very happy with the selection and there is definitely something for different occasion!

In the box was also a handy eyelashes box

And Cindy (the owner of the shop) was so kind and sent me a free NYX lipstick.
Now you know I've bought quite a few of these and you know how much I love them so the surprise was very welcome indeed.
This is in "Thalia" which is a color I didn't have and was in my wishlist.
Since this is about the lashes here are some of my favourites

I have already tried them and I have to say I love the quality of these!
I have used some MAC eyelashes a few time but mostly some drugstore brands and some bought on ebay as well and I have to say these ones are the best for me.
They are subtle and easy to handle, extremely soft and manageable.
So I'm very very happy with my purchase.
At the moment I have about 30/40 pairs of eyelashes and I'm so so tempted to buy some more from Cindy if only the hubby would give me my card back...


  1. very cute. I'm a bit darker NW50 and I really want thalia not sure how it will look on me though it looks so pretty though!

  2. I also ordered lashes from the website lovemakeup that u talked about in ur previous post. I can't wait to get my lashes especially if they're coming in a box like that.

  3. @ Princessvalecia Get it girl! If its too light you can always mix it up with a darker lip color. Its a very pretty color and you won't regret it.

    @blkprincess87 I'm so pleased you ordered from her. I hope you'll be very happy with what you got and can't wait to see all of it.

  4. i LOVE your blog, so i nominated you for an award :)

  5. Oooohhh how wonderful! I love false eyelashes but am useless at putting them on :/ i love the sweet customised packaging.