Thursday, 18 February 2010

Collective haul [Picture heavy!]

Hello Biuties!
Yesterday I was in London as I had a few documents to pick up. Had some spare time so I decided to go "check out" (Yeah I actually believed I would get out empty handed) Selfridges & Denbenhams on Oxford Street.
I received a Selfridges gift card from my lovely sister for christmas and decided it was time to make it sweat!
Isn't guilt free shopping the best?! Not having to tell yourself "I shouldn't, he'll kill me, step away from the counter!!"
I'm so happy with what I got and enough with words, lets see some pictures!

MAC eyeshadow in "Texture"

Here's what I got online from this shop: LoveMakeup. Great seller and the shipping is next day delivery so no complaints there!
There are a few stuff on there I've been eyeing from some time, specially the Devil blush from MAC (6 months in the waiting!!!), I still want some stuff but I'm on a spending ban so it will have to wait...
so here's what I got

[Click on any picture to enlarge and have a much better look]

That is all for now!
Feel free to ask me any question and of course the haul video is below!


  1. Love it all - great blush choices, I have all three LOL!! I bought the MAC Spiced Choc quad from Love Makeup and was very impressed by it arriving on Tues morning after ordering it on Sunday night.

    You make me want Texture e/s now. I must check that out.

  2. X-rocks was my first blush soo made it's LE because I am in deep love with it!

  3. hey hun what camera do you use?

  4. I'm so in love with everything I bought. I wish I could shop like that every single day!

    @ MaryBelle The camera I use is a Canon Digital IXUS 85 IS Compact Camera.