Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The love of lashes...

Hello Biuties!
My love for fake lashes is just recent, the first time I successfully applied fake lashes was the day of my wedding which was 4 months ago.
Before then, I just had so much trouble putting them on the right way without having my own lashes stuck in the middle of it all.
I do love the depth they give to eyes and the various shapes you can have with them.
There are tons of different types of eyelashes out there and the possibilities as far a color, texture, shape or length are endless.
I have eyelashes from MAC, some bought from Ebay and some drugstore brands but I want more!!!I want HUGE, bold and flirty looking lashes and can't really seem to find my happiness :(
So if you guys buy your lashes from somewhere great and want to share please do!
I want to be an eyelash freak so help me guys!

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  1. I get mine from Target.. I've heard that Mac and Sephora sell good ones too