Monday, 25 January 2010

Cheap Lashes & postage!

Last week I wrote a post about my love for falsies and I've been searching for great deals from all over the world. I found a few places and thought I would share!

I actually placed an order with Cindy from LoveMakeup. She sells falsies as well as some NYX lipsticks and pencil eyeshadows and eyeliners.
What I love is that she also has swatches and that really helps when you're not sure what you want or the shades of what you want.
She has a range of NYX eyelashes, some Red Cherry eyelashes and some generic eyelashes.
Her prices are really good (from $.175 to $3.50 each) and she has a selection of 18 different lashes for $30.

I only bought the 18 lashes pack which is roughly £18.56 and £3 ($5) for postage.
I found that to be a great deal and you spend around £1.20 for a pair (including postage)!
I haven't received them yet so I can't review or talk about the quality or anything but I have to say they really look stunning and I love the fact she has pictures of some eyelashes which you can compare to MAC ones.

I really can't wait to receive them!
Anyways go check her out, she's very helpful and eager to help.

Next is they ship worldwide and have a good range of Red Cherry eyelashes (which are 100% human hair btw).
What I love here is the fact that they sell eyelashes in batches of 4 pairs ($9.95- £6.15) or 12 ($15- £9.88). I find these prices pretty good and shipping is determined by your location (£6.18 for UK). Although the pairs are of the same lashes it still is a great deal.
I think its a great idea to buy eyelashes in bulk, they cost you a lot less and you won't have to buy any for some time.
I haven't bought anything from them yet but it will definitely be somewhere I'll need to buy from next month!
Alternatively you can search on ebay and you'll find tons of different eyelashes, some sold as single pairs and some sold in bulks.
So get surfing and buying!

I hope this post was helpful and I can't wait for some of the stuff I ordered online to arrive so I can share it all with you!

*Disclaimer: This is my own personal and honest opinion of the products, I haven't been paid by any of the persons or companies mentioned above and have no affiliation with any of them*