Monday, 14 December 2009

"Sweet Tooth" award!

I received a "Sweet Tooth" award from Ms King at Dream Come True
Thank you so much for this lovy!
I really appreciate all the love and support and I'm really happy that you are enjoying my blog.

She wrote:
"Since I can't give away physical gifts, I just thought I would give away Candy Canes to the sweetest blogs. I love to read other peoples blogs and comment on them. So, I decided to do a Sweet Tooth post on some of my favorite blogs. I would like for them to give away five more Candy Canes to their favorite blogs"

So my candy canes go to:
1. Linda at Life | Fashion | Beauty | Me
2. Darcia at
Vu La-La
3. Cynthia at
4. Mevish at
Gold Beauty 88's makeup blog
5. Stephanie at
Aquaheart Makeup Obsession
(click on the blogs name to visit their blog)
There are a lot of blogs that I read and I try to rotate and spread the love to all!
Pass on Candy Canes for this holiday season and show your love and support!!


  1. Thanx...I really do like to read about what other blogs are talking about :)

  2. Thanks for the award, it's SO cute!! I love your blog =)

  3. Awh, thank you =). You just made my day =D.