Thursday, 17 December 2009

Giveaway winners!

Hello Biuties!
I have announced the giveaway winners and am still waiting for some winners to send me their delivery address for me to send their winnings.
I was hopping to have everything sent to me this week so I could get it all shipped while I still had time and was not drowned in cooking and planning and all that.
So please check the results in the post below and get to me.
I want to send everything at the same time just because the queues at my post office are crazzyyy and I really don't want to have to queue more than once.
So please please get back to me or else I'll have to redraw for new winners.

For the ones who have already answered I believe its not fair on you guys to have to wait so I'll do my very best to have your items shipped tomorrow or saturday.

I'm busy trying out recipes and menus and although its just my husband and me I want it to be so perfect as its our first together!

Have a nice days!

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