Friday, 11 December 2009

FOTD! and new video!

[Video is now working!]
Hello Biuties!!

Today's look was gold!
I admit its not really a day look, it might be more appropriate to wear it for a night out or something
But I just don't care, I love the boldness of it
I received compliments and I just love that look!

Making the video made me realized how slow I actually am at putting makeup on.
I had to trim 58 minutes of video to 10... needless to say it was challenging!
Anyways I hope you like!
Sorry for the video quality again, I am playing around with some settings and stuff and I hope I'll get the hang of all this sooner than later!


  1. That's weird, I clicked on the video and it says it's not avail to me due to my country restrictions or some nonsense! The pics are pretty though x

  2. I can't view the video but nice look.