Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Brushes brushes brushes...

Hello Biuties!
I'm no expert whatsoever on brushes, and what brush does what is the last thing on my mind.
I have 1 brush for each task and I sometimes find that it limits me in achieving certain looks
For example the 139 brush from MAC is the only brush I use on my eyes.
I apply eyeshadow with it, I blend with it, I work on my crease with it. I do absolutely everything with it except use it as a liner.

So this post is a question to you guy to help me out sort this brush thing out.
What is your perfect brush for each task: for eyeshadow, blending, creasing, eyebrows, face, foundation, cheeks, highlight, contour... anything just name it!
I'm looking foward to reading you answers!
Have a beautiful day people!!

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  1. I have no idea how to differenciate the different brushes back in the day i would just use one brush for everything..However now I use MAC's blusher brush (forgot the number) to apply my liquid foundation and I use a kabuki brush for my blusher lol.

  2. Here are my favorites to use for each task Hope this helps :-)

    What is your perfect brush for each task: eyeshadow: MAC 239 for lid or Sigma Makeup SS239
    blending: Mac 222/224 Sigma Makeup SS239 Sonia Kasuck large blending brush
    creasing: Same as blending brushed
    eyebrows: MAC 226 for fillinf in brows & MAC 208 for applying concealer
    face: MAC 182 Kabuki brush for powers
    foundation: MAC 109,Sigma Makeup SS109 or A Design pointed foundation brush
    cheeks: MAC 168 OR Sigma Makeup SS168
    highlight & contour: I like to use MAC or Sigma makeup 275

  3. I don't wear enough make-up to tell you...Lol... the 2nd answer sounds about right