Saturday, 14 November 2009

X Factor

I had to post about it at some point right...
Like the whole of the UK nation I have been drowning in everything X Factor
However I don't follow what the contestants do on their websites or what all those gossip magazines say about them (I like them to be pure in my mind :))
But I'm going to talk about the whole Jedward thing.
It was funny at first because there were some people there that would have never won, then it was ok because it was funny to watch and now its become absolutely ridiculous!!

Last week I was already so so happy when the twins were in the bottom 2 and then they got saved, I went to bed in disbelief and then I got angry.
For those contestants the show is the chance of their lives and if I was in there I would be pissed that people would keep around 2 guys that can't even sing and who are far worse than I am and they keep them in just because "its funny"!!!
Its a freaking singing competition!!!!!!
The same thing happened last year with Laura White (Who has a new album coming out btw) and a few years ago in the US with that Sanjaya caracter.
I still don't understand why people were keeping him around when he clearly had no talent...
Anyways, I'm begging the people that vote to STOP VOTING FOR JOHN AND EDWARD!
It's become a matter of personal health now
And my hubby can't take anymore of me screaming at the tv...
Thank you :D

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