Monday, 30 November 2009

What I've been up to!!!

Hello Biuties!
I hope your weekend was great and you lot got a lot of rest!
I just wanted to update you on things to come in the week.
  • I've been thinking about doing videos for a while and I've decided to go ahead and just do it. It will be fun and will definitely stop my post from being too long sometimes. I first have to get a grip of the whole editing process and all. I already know that my first video will just be an very nervous introduction and probably followed by a "my collection/makeup storage" video.
  • I have been testing 2 different primers of mine and will review and compare!
  • Hauls will be up as well, Sleek, NYX, and ELF as some kohl pencils I found
  • And probably a face routine video, not sure yet but we'll see!
So there you go and I'm as its Monday why not start the week with one of my absolute favorite artists
His name is Corneille and he normally sings in french but he made an album in english last year or the year before I don't remember.
The song is called "Spending on you" from his album "The Birth of Cornelius"

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