Tuesday, 24 November 2009

What I've been up to!!!

Hello Biuties!
Its been a few days since I last updated something on here.
I've been pretty busy with cleaning the flat out.
Since the hubby left I had all my time to do a HUGE clean out!
So I spent the weekend cleaning the flat from top to bottom
and it helped me forget how quiet the place is now.
So right now everything is clean and I'm even afraid to cook because that oven is so shiny I don't want to mess it up!!
Another thing I've been up to is my digital art.
I haven't done anything in months but wanted to pick it up again.
But as of tomorrow I'll be back with a haul and hopefully a look of the day.
And I'll be ambitious and say I'll do my nails and put up my nail of the week pic.
Have a good day!


  1. omg! I love the second and the last picture =) Stunning! What application do you use gurl for this? leme nw on the cbox on my blog please incase I 4get to check here =) ♥

  2. YOu don't want to mess up your hard work? My sister hates when someone trys to cook after she cleans up the kitchen...lol

  3. These are magnificent. Very creative... great job!

  4. very cool , i like very much!!! wonderful!!