Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Sensible buyer

Hello Biuties!
I'm so tired of hauls, there are more coming but I just wanted to mix up my posts a bit.
Since I haven't bought makeup in such a long time I feel like I have now become a more sensible makeup buyer.
I Love packaging and would buy something simply because it looked so "cute"
Specially when it comes to makeup.
For example all those MAC products that form part of a collection with gorgeous packaging. I
I want them because they look gorgeous and generally the colors and shades are "special" and generally one-offs.
But now I'm just fed up with it all.
So I vowed not to buy makeup just because it was pretty and only buy what I NEED and when I want to experience something new.
Since I found Inglot, I fell out of love with MAC eyeshadows. They are so expensive and since I've found out the difference in the prices from the US its really put me off!
Inglot have loads of shades and finishes and the selection is really extensive and 15 for a palette of 5 is a steal. So I'll definitely indulge in Inglot e/s from now on!!
I have too many e/s and I don't even use them all so now I need stop buying and start using!!!
Here's my question to you:
How has your view on your makeup changed since you started getting into it?

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