Monday, 9 November 2009

Inglot Palettes Haul!

Hello Biuties!!
I have been hearing about Inglot a lot for the past few months and I was really really intrigued and had to check them out.
So I had a field trip with my hubs to Westfield last month and stepped in there for the first time.
It was such a beautiful day, sunny and warm and with cash in the pocket it could only go well!
I bought 2 palettes of my choice, my hubs was also so impressed with the shop he decided to chose a palette for me.
I'll let you guess which one he picked up...
The palettes were £15 each
I also bought a gorgeous lipstick (£8). Its very matte but I love the pink of that color.

It was such a great day, we ended up spending so much but I was super super happy with everything that I bought.
And I FINALLY got my hands on some Sleek Makeup palettes.
I have been hunting them down in every superdrug that I've seen in the past 4/5 months. So I was truly happy that day.
Pictures and swatched of sleek palettes coming soon!


  1. Beautiful colors, very nice haul!!

  2. Oh, i love the colours!
    i've not heard of that brand before but I will check them out =).

  3. What a super haul that was! I hope you'll have loads of fun with the goodies. :)

  4. omg super kewl haul gurlie! love the lippy!
    ur tempting me to go inglot again!!! hehe

  5. I'm going to london soon and Inglot is on my list of stop by's. Great haul!!!