Wednesday, 4 November 2009

FOTD! from the past month!

Hello Biuties!!
For the past months I have been so busy that makeup has literary been foundation, mascara and lipgloss, so definitely nothing too extreme or remotely interesting.
And right now I can't even remember the last time I wore makeup.
Of course the hubby doesn't mind and he prefers it that way but now that everything has settled down a bit I need to glamour myself up again!!!
Although I must admit it is so nice to have absolutely nothing on the face and being able to rub my eyes without being afraid of spreading all the makeup.
But less talking and more showing, here's what I've been up to!

[Day before the wedding with my mum doing some last minute shopping]
[day before the wedding getting ready for some last minute shopping]

[Getting ready to take my mum to the airport]

[Can you tell how much I love purple??]

[Falsies!!! I'm so happy I can manage them now... but these didn't want to stay put...]
[What better place to take a picture than in a bus??!]Align Centre

[Simply Natural]

[Wearing my favorite blush... will review it later on]

[Getting ready to go out]

[Going to Westfield!!]

[Ignore the mess, instead of packing I was going shopping...]

[Loving my purples!]

Wow that's a looonnngg post!


  1. My god, you are absolutely stunning! I particularly like the look with the glasses, i think they really suit you :)
    Also even with your 'no makeup' look you look brilliantly polished.

  2. These are gorgeous! Definitely Love you in purple!

    When you get a chance hon, come stop by my blog

  3. you have really pretty eyes

  4. you are so beautiful! I love purple on you!