Monday, 30 November 2009

FOTD! And I'm on Youtube!!

Hello People!
Its been awhile since I've put some color on those eyes so today was the day to do something different and colorful!

The good news is that my Youtube channel is up and running and after so much trial and error I have uploaded my first video!!
Check it out below and on my YT Channel "Lilbiuty11"
Its a bit rough for now but bare with me!
And please rate, comment and subscribe!!! :))


  1. ohhh i will so subscribe hun! and the colors look fab on you ♥

  2. I'll subscribe...I'm always on Youtube

    btw...luv the purple!

  3. Congratulations on the new Youtube Channel!! I just recorded my first video as well but I need to clean it up a bit first. Off to subscribe now!!! Very Pretty look!!

  4. Kudos to u. I want to do one but I hate the way I sound on tape.

  5. YAY!!!! So exciting!! Congrats!!