Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Cosmetics Chritsmas Wishlist!

Hello Biuties!!
As you all know by now I like change.
And right now I feel like I'm in a rut with my makeup and want to try things that I keep reading about and want to try myself but I'm afraid to step out into the "unknown"
Plus I my wallet is very very afraid of getting too adventurous.
For the moment I have stuck with my MACs and my drugstore products and haven't really tried the "high end" of the spectrum.
I'm talking about brands like Nars, Illamasqua, Stila or Urban Decay and the list goes on and on.
The problem with that is that I don't live near stores that have all those brands readily available.
To get all that I have to travel to London which is just a 40 minutes train ride away, but I'm not fond of London at all.
I just think its too crowded and every single time I go I get lost somehow...
I usually only go when I have something important to do there, so I'll take the whole day and go shopping or something.
Anyways I definitely want to try some of those brands, specially Illamasqua and Stila.
I also want to try MUFE and I have yet to find a shop that sell those. I don't really like buying makeup online, you never know what you might end up with...
Products are not only on my top list to tackle, I also need to experience with techniques.
  • How to apply foundation with different types of brushes or sponges.
  • I need to experiment with primers and moisturizers and skin routines.
  • And I definitely want to get a hang of contouring (witch will include my hunt for the perfect highlighter and contouring products)
  • Falsies will also make their appearance. I'm practicing so I'm definitely getting better at that!I have loads of falsies that are just waiting for me... be patient dearests I'm on my way!
I have no clue what products to buy but I'll need to get my face in front of the counters to know what I want.
If you have any suggestion feel free to share!!!

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