Sunday, 13 September 2009

Would you buy this?!

Hello Biuties!!
I thought that I would write a post about some beauty products that I feel are uncommon and test your adventurous side!!
Just let me know if you would definitely try them... or slap them with a pass!

A vibrating mascara...
I saw the add somewhere last week and was so puzzled I had to research it.
Its Maybeline NewYork "Pulse Perfection Vibrating Mascara"
On the website it says:

"Discover the power of vibration. Our motor pulses the brush up to 100x a second like no hand can. Powers the formula through the lashes for an anti-clump result.
Pulse Perfection with vibration separates precisely and sculpts lashes perfectly.
A new lash look Pulse Perfection goes beyond volume & length for a flawless fan of lush, perfect lashes. "

I don't know how I feel about a vibrating thinguy near my eyes so although I'm so intrigued itS a pass for me!!!
But seeing the result might change my mind... I don't know this product actually confuses me LOl
For a great review watch Clumps of Mascara review video HERE!

Next comes "Eyebrow Laser Hair Removal"...
Having the right eyebrow shape is very important and maintaining the eyebrow's look is also as important as you don't want to end up looking beautiful with bushy and untamed eyebrows.
There are a lot of solutions out there for that: threading, waxing, plucking or even tinting (is that a real word?!)
But LASER!! I think its going a bit too far specially for such a small area.
However, it's actually becoming increasingly popular...
Personally I would pass... Laser is painful and can leave you with scars and you need multiple appointments for the "treatment" to be complete. Its just too much hustle for me, I'd rather stick to my plucking...
So would you rather stick to the "traditional" ways or go for the permanent solution??

Looking foward to see who's adventurous and who is just too freaked out just like me LOl


  1. PASS! girl I am too freaked out like you, lol.

  2. I've had a Lancome vibrating mascara since around Christmas, and i can honestly say it's the best mascara i've ever had. It's hard to say how much of it is down to the vibrations, and how much is because of the lancome formula, cause i've never had a high end mascara before.
    But it really works well at getting every tiny lash and separates them all really well. I've never found the vibrating worryng, it's really gentle and doesn't even tickle.

    However i would definately pass on the eyebrow lasering! I wouldn't like a laser anywhere near my eye!

  3. I went to the Maybelline event on Thursday and the mascara was included in the goody bag.

    I'm a bit sceptical about it but at least it has an on off switch so we shall see!!

    ...I'll pass on the laser, too much can go wrong for it to be worth while for me! - I'll stick to my good ol' £3 threading!!

  4. I have the mascara but haven't opened it yet. I'm not expecting miracles.

    I'll stick to threading my brows too - I flinch at that so lawd knows how I'd react to laser treatment!

  5. Pass baby!!!
    I don't get how the "gentle vibration" can make an application difference. The size & shape of the wand and bristles are supposed to be the application determination right??!!!

  6. I have been looking at it in my drugstore and curious about it. I thought about getting it to try it out but I am so waiting until they have BOGO and also have a great coupon off it. So until then I'll pass.