Sunday, 20 September 2009

Wedding Wedding Wedding...

Hello Biuties!!!
Its Sunday morning and its 7am, I can't sleep as I'm all stressed out!!!
As you know I'm getting married at the end of the month, in 6 days exactly!!!
6 DAYS!!!
although its just a civil ceremony at the registrar office and a small lunch who knew how much organization needs to be done!!
I've yet to taste the cake, the baker keeps pushing the date saying the oven isn't working too well so I'm getting worried...
I don't even know what to wear probably a suit.
And the biggest part is that our parents are going to finally meet and we are going to meet each others parents... I know after 6 years of being together you would think it would happen earlier...
And I'm just praying that everything will go perfect as everyone is flying in from far away (his mom is coming al the way from the Caribbeans and my parents from Dubai)
There was already one deception last week, my sister can't attend the wedding because she won't get her visa in time :( and now I have to find another witness...
I was devastated but I've got to keep on moving!
The good thing is that its a tiny wedding, in all we'll be 10 people
The "Big" wedding will be next year, the whole church and white dress thing will happen then and boy do we need to save big time!!!!
Anyways, I'm done rambling!
It will be an exiting and hectic week and I'll make sure to update on everything
with pictures of course :))

For now I need to decide on my hairstyle for the day so please tell me which one do you thing would suit me best, Picture 1, 2 or 3?

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


  1. lil beauty your getting married? congratulations girl! enjoy your special day your gonna look fab!

    i say go for picture 1

  2. Oh I didn't know you were getting married! Congratulations!!

    I'm sure everything will fall into place!

    I really like the softness of pic 3, but it all depends on your outfit and what YOU want to look like on your day!

    ...May God bless your union! (",) xXx

  3. congrats gurl!!!!! Whatever you pick will be fabulous you know.I hope it all goes well for you!!! Blessings xxx

  4. congratulations! don't worry, everything will be okay. planning a wedding is always hectic at fist. please let me know which part of the Caribbean his parents are flying from..I'm curious :)

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  6. and the first hair style will fit you best!

  7. Congrats!
    The first one will suit you best.
    I wanna get married soon
    I just have to wait I guess lol

  8. CONGRATS Beautiful!!! I'm so happy for you!! Everything will work out and I'm sure his parents are going to LOVE you!!
    I pick #1 or #3

  9. i like look 1 and congrats on the wedding, i understand about the parents not meeting, i have yet to meet my hubbys mother and no lie, i sxit bricks thinkin about it :) but congrats :)

  10. Congrats and hope you've had a wonderful day xxx