Friday, 11 September 2009


Hello Biuties!!!
Although today is friday, I feel like its saturday!!
Its 3:20 pm and I'm still in my pyjamas (ain't nothing wrong with that!)
I'm doing a massive clearout in my closet and under the bed and all that and all I can say is I'm so so exhausted!!
I started at 10am and I'm still at it, all sweaty and full of dust!!
So far I got out 2 bin bags full of clothes, 1 bag of magazines/books and I haven't done the sheets yet!
I don't even know where all that stuff was hiding but since I'll be moving soon I need to get my clearing out done.
Oh and later I have my handbags to sort out...
I know there will be tears!

Just wanted to post something real quick to say "Hi" to all you guys out there.
Oh and Sorry for the blog looking so rought during the week,
I have been "experimenting" with new layouts and gadgets and stuff and now the look is final!!
(Well at least for the next few weeks)

Hope you like it!
Enjoy your friday and your weekend,
I will be posting my blog of the week tomorrow as well as my find of the week!

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