Saturday, 5 September 2009

Randomness and rant!

Hello Biuties!!
I know I've been slacking with my posts, I used to do 3/4 posts a day and now 1 a day is being lucky lol.
I've just been so busy with the wedding stuff, although its a tiny tiny one with the smallest budget ever and simple simple simple. But damn there's so much things to do!!
For us getting married at the registry office is a tiny part. We want to get married in a church next year which will be the big party thing. Culturally for us a marriage at a registry office isn't such a big deal. yeah you get dressed, do the deed, have lunch/dinner and drinks and its all good!
Anyways I'm babbling right now!
I don't have much to say anyways.
Ebay and paypal have done me so so wrong this week!
I bought last week some earphones [Monster Beats by Dr Dre]
They normally retail at 150 and I got them on auction at 63
As usual I pay right aways and expect the seller to send it right away
But with that seller, he sends me an email saying that the funds were said to be "on hold" and he had to wait for the funds to be unblocked in order to send the item.
Oh and that I had to send him a positive feedback in order to get the item which in my mind rang bells.
I mean, you're not supposed to leave feedback before receiving your item and someone asking for feedback before even sending the item sounds fishy.
And the guy kept insisting for that feedback saying that paypal will unblock the the funds only then.
After lenghty angry emails to the guy, I did a search on paypal and discovered that sellers with less than 20 stars and selling items for more than 50 had to receive positive feedback for the funds to be unblocked.
First off I was angry because I was in someway in the wrong
and second of all I was angry at that stupid seller for not saying this in clear form
So reluctantly I gave a positive feedback, send the seller an email and I'm still waiting for any kind of communication 3 days on.
So now I have to open a dispute with paypal in order to either get the item of my money back. At this point I just want the money and not hear of those damn earphones again.
After all of this hustle they better be PERFECT!
Anyways I'll post my FOTD later on and probably rant some more LOl!

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  1. I hope everything goes well and that's news to me abut the ebay/paypal thing. Hope u get them headphones and why didn't he leave you a feedback first hmmmmm!!