Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Product of the week!

That one was an easy one for me.
Its my 2True blusher in shade #4
I use it almost everyday, Its a beautiful color and matches so so well with my skintone.
And I think I'm in love!!!

I mainly use it with MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in "Brunette"
It adds to it an extra glow and intensifies the burnt color a bit more.

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  1. Such a rich true brown red color...love it, is it only sold in the UK?
    Is it matte texture?
    Do you use it sometimes for contour?
    --Reason I'm asking these questions is that I am seeking a contour blush.

  2. Hello Rayqueenbee! Than you for your comment
    Unfortunately I believe it is only sold in the uk. The one I have is a matte finish and I bought it over a year ago. I went recently in a drugstore to check what other colors they have and I found that the same shade they had was shimmery. So I'm thinking they changed their formula or something.
    I don't use it for contouring, I find that its a bit too red and definitely prefer it as a blush.
    Hope all this helped!

  3. I had to go all the way to a superdrug an hour away from me, but i inally found the blusher in shade 4!
    I love it