Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Poll and Product of the week

Last week's poll showed that a majority of you guys spent under £20 per month on makeup, a close second was between £20 and £50, 2 between £50 and £100 and no one above that.
I'm now inspired to spend a lot less, I'll try to limit myself to 1 product per week. And no splurging!!

This week's poll question is as follow:
How many times a week do you wear makeup?
Answer on the top right hand-side!
I wear between 4-5 times a week. I don't put any makeup on during the weekends as I just stay home and relax and I'm usually doing the dirty jobs (cleaning, cooking, tidying, a bit of diy)
Looking foward to reading your answers!


My product of the week this week has to be my BarryM blusher!

Its so so so pigmented and a little definitely goes a long way!
Oh and it does stay on alllll dayy!!
If you don't have it get it
If you can't get it find someone to get it for you!
Its great value for the price and it compliments any skintone.
Love it!


  1. I wear makeup when i feel like it...voted!

    I might just check out the Barry M blusher! :)

  2. I wear it monday to friday :)

  3. Hey - great post. You've got a really cool blog here - thanks !