Wednesday, 16 September 2009

MAC prices and why am I not in the States..??

Hello Biuties!
I was reading up this morning about the new MAC feature on the American website.
You can buy a palette with the eyeshdows or blushes and receive it all in place.
You just have to pick your colors, place them on the palette, order and it will come as you created them.

All for $177, that's £107!!!
I love the feature and I want it!!!
When I did a quick conversion to see the price in pounds I realised how much buying MAC is cheaper in America and I'm feeling so robbed.
A MAC eyeshadow pro pan is £6.50 and here in the UK we buy it at £8.50!!!!!
But the worse is the pro palette themselves...
The 15 pro palette is £7 and we buy it at £10!!!!!
I'm so angry right now...
I just can't stop thinking about the fortune I could have saved...
Buying 15 eyeshadows included in the pro palette is £137 with the UK prices, and buying all of that in the states makes you save £30 and that is a lot!
I'm just thinking of all the possibilities in my head right now and I'm not happpppyyyy!!!
If only i knew someone in the states some bargains would have been made for sure!
Oh well :( I'll be dreaming numbers now...

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  1. That's a really good idea they've come up with. Keep an eye on the exchange rate co last Winter you'd have been paying UK prices over there. The exchange rate has only recently perked up and it's not as great was it was 2 years ago when it was practically half price.

  2. I went to the states a couple of years back and the price of their products are the same as here but in dollars so for instance eyeshadow here is £9.50 in the states its $9.50 so its a huge saving.

    I very rarely buy it here unless I really really need something for my kit.