Tuesday, 8 September 2009

MAC and BarryM Haul! PICTURE HEAVY!!!

Hello Biuties!
Yesterday I went to my local MAC store and as I said the past weekend I didn't know what to buy and was a bit confused.
I would like to say a big thank you to Patience, Vex In The City and Neko for reassuring me that I didn't have to get everything!! Lol
I went in the store calm and collected and there was absolutely no one in there! Just me and the sales ladies :D
So started taking my time swatching
I wasn't too impressed by what I saw,
Picked up 2 e/s and a lipgloss.
My budget was £30 and what I got cost me £33.50 which isn't bad and I was happy :)

Unfortunately I made a quick stop at Superdrug for some cotton wool and couldn't resist a quick glance.
For once it was a good thing the man was there with me, that way I couldn't spend ages swatching and stuff.
Nevertheless I still got 2 BarryM dazzle dusts
[They are on offer at the mo'- Buy one get second one half price]

MAC "On Display" lipgloss from Makeup Art collection by Richard Phillips;
MAC "Post Haste" e/s (matte);
MAC "Off The Page" e/s (frost) from Makeup Art collection by Maira Kalman;
BarryM Dazzle Dusts in #93 "Block Blue" (matte) and #23 "Midnight"

Love all of the colors, they are so pigmented.
I love the orange, I wanted to get the permanent one but this one is so much better! And I never heard of "Post Haste"! Its such a pigmented redish color. Love it!
And the BarryM pigments I'm so happy with, speacially that matte blue that I've been wanting for a while now.
Can't wait for BarryM blushers to come out!!

When I arrived home I realised that I had multiple purple looking lip glosses and decided to compare them and here they are.
From left to right:
MAC "Fierce & Fabulous" lipglass from Style Warrior collection;
MAC "On Display" Lipglass from Makeup Art collection by Richard Phillips;
2True plumptuous Lipgloss in #16

While I'm at it, here are 2 other MAC eyeshadows I got on ebay last month (both for £9.50 including delivery- not bad hey!) and didn't put pictures on or even mention I think...

MAC "Creme De Violet" & "Jest"

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  1. Nice haul, I have Creme de violet and hardly use it, I need to use my MAC e/s but I'm always drawn to my 120 palette...lol..I can't wait to see a look from you with Poste Haste and Creme De violet and Off the Page.

  2. ohh wow the ebay haul looks lovely!
    i grab my makeup bargains 4m der 2 :D