Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Is one product enough?!

I was looking at my makeup "collection" today and realized how uneven I was in my choice of products.
I have a lot of eyeshadows, nail polishes, lipsticks and eyeliner pencils but just 1 brand of mascara, 1 brand of liquid eyeliner, 2 foundations, 1 type of blot powder and 3 blushes...
I don't know why but I feel like I don't need tons of mascaras or liquid eyeliners or anything else.
I try to tell myself that tons of eyeshadows is alright and for the rest having one is just fine.
Although I'm happy sticking with what I know and have I don't find myself exited about mascaras or foundation or liquid eyeliner.
Is that weird??!
Let me know what you think about sticking to 1 single product and not explore the rest... and is one product enough?

Also something that I don't understand is lip liners...
what do they do, how do you use them, why???
I just can't get my head around them... so if you have an explanation, feel free to comment for me :)))

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  1. If u've found things that work for u, then there is no need to continue to search. But, I'm the type that's never satisfied. So... I feel the need to have lots of everything, but I always end up giving the excess away, then I buy more. LOL!

  2. I'm sort of like you, I have tons of glosses and lipsticks and shadows but a couple of face products, eye liners and the like. I suppose it's because you only need specific things for your face, I mean, you're not gonna be needing a blue foundation, right? And since there's so much variety of colours in the eye and lip department, you have to keep up with it. I donnow if I'm clear. At least I have an excuse to defend my ever-growing makeup collection!

  3. I use lip liner to create colors I don't have or to make my lip color last longer. For instance, coloring the entire lips with the pencil and putting gloss and/or lipstick over it. They also keep lipsticks from bleeding outside of the lip line.

  4. I'll probably buy a lip liner to test... but I'm still quite skeptical, maybe I'll have a revelation LOl
    And I'm happy with my face products at the moment so I don't think I'll go cheat on them Lol. Maybe I'll feel different in a few weeks, months or years!!

  5. I have three or four different foundations on the go right now; they all offer something different depending on what's going on. Like you, I also have a ton of eye shadows, lipsticks and lip glosses. As for lip liners, I rarely use them although I do own 4. i mostly use them if I'm wearing a red or bright pink lipstick.