Sunday, 6 September 2009

Hating my MAC addiction! Please help!!

Hello Biuties!
I'm gonna have a rant again Lol sorry!
But I'm angry at MAC right now...
I'm a huge fan and each time a collection comes out I buy
And I keep buying until it isn't available online anymore.

Last time, they came out with 4 collections at the same time, it's a good thing I was on;y interested in 2 collections [Graphic Garden and Love That Look], even if I didn't buy all the Love That Look e/s I wanted :(((((
And yesterday disaster truck again, I found out there are 6 new collections desguised in 3.
I couldn't even get exited because I know I won't be able to buy anything!!!
I can't spend money on myself right now as I have to move and there is the wedding and I still have to feed myself.
However I did tell myself I could buy something but I have a limit of 30.
And here lies the problem: What do I get?!!!
The list:
  • Make-up Art Cosmetics by Richard Phillips
- "Notoriety" quad e/s palette
- "Photo Realism" quad e/s palette

  • Make-up Art Cosmetics by Maira Kalman
- All of the e/s
  • Make-up Art Cosmetics by Marilyn Minter
- "Cocomotion" pigment
- "Push The Edge" pigment

  • Nail Trend collection
- Nothing, I own some of MAC nail polishes and I don't like them at all, they are best left alone...
  • Flirt With Fall collection
-Nothing, false eyelashes and me come from different worlds so its a huge no-no
  • MAC In High Def
- I don't know yet... I have to go instore and swatch those lippies...

Please people help me choose!!!
And if there's something you think is worth taking tell me!
But I think I'm absolutely going to take the cocomotion pigment. I've heard so many good things about it, I have to get it. What do you think??
*sight* Why am I not a millionaire...


  1. You don't need the Notoriety quad as you have the 28 neutral palette *side eye - I should take this advice myself :s*

    I'd say not all the e/s are must haves, although if you were to get one or two I'd say get any of these; Violet Trance, Crest the Wave, Off the Page and Haunting!

    Get samples of the pigments, that should last you, rather than a full sized jar or mayb go halves with a friend!

    There's only one lippy I think is worth a look at fromt he high def collection, and that's the red one, if I were you and you wanted anything, I b2m for it!

    Et ta-da, you have saved some money, and got your beauty fix! LOL

    I'd be interested to see what you do get in the end! (",) xXx

  2. Listen to Patience!

    I only got Violet Trance, Haunting and Off the Page as I have 3 MAC yellows already.

    I got the pink and green liner too. I've skipped the lip products I have a million glosses and lipsticks. I've skipped the quads too as I have similar colours that can create the same look already. I bought Notable blush too.

    Lashes? Nope you can them cheaper from another brand, same goes for the polishes. It's really hard not to get sucked into buying EVERYTHING me, I know!

  3. A lot of MAC colours look very similar to others you might already own. If you think you'd really want them, I'd swatch the colours at a counter and compare them to shadows you have at home, or that you can get cheaper from Barry M or suchlike. And get pigment samples, or if you want to be sure the jars are clean try to get some friends to split a whole jar with you. My new philosophy is that if it's a colour I'm not going to use regularly like a bright eyeshadow or lipstick, I'll try to get samples, or a cheaper alternative. If you're willing to wait a couple of months you might also be able to buy them secondhand on livejournal or specktra. Hope that helps. x