Saturday, 12 September 2009

Find Of The Week!

This week's Find of the Week isn't something I have yet...
But I'm so in love with it!
Its MaxFactor "Lipfinity" lipstick range.
I swatched them on my hands during the week at a Superdrug and love the range of colors, texture and finish.
They are like Revlon Colorstay lipcolors but 10 times better!!
I think I'm in love (yes again!)
The only problem is that it costs £10 and I can't bring myself to spend £10 for 1 product.
I'll have to find someone who will be willing to offer me this. Lol

Aren't the colors gorgeous?! I can't wait to try one on and give a full judgement!
I specially love love love that hot pink its staring me right in the eyes with so much love...
I know they have names but I can't remember them...
And I have to say they do not budge!!!
After it dried I tried to remove the swatches by rubbing them out but it didn't even smudge one bit. Not a tiny bit!!
I tried removing them with a wipe but OMG I almost had to rub my skin raw to get it all out.
I'll keep dreaming about it until I get it...
Let me know if you've ever tried it and your opinion on it!

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