Saturday, 12 September 2009

BarryM Blusher

How exited was I when I found out BarryM was coming out with blushes!!!!
And I was even more exited when I saw them on the shelves at my local Superdrug.
Unfortunetely I couldn't swatch all of them as "someone" was breathing down my neck asking if I REALLY needed this...
I looked at him straight in the eyes, said yes, took the brightest blush of the bunch and ran to the till... Lol
And of course bought him a bar of chocolate to distract him!!
I got blusher #4 which is "Rasberry"
But I think I'll also get the orange one, blusher #5 "Apricot"

So far I love the color
It really is pigmented I just hope the color stays on long enough!
Anyone else got their BarryM Blusher?! What's your opinion?

And just a quick other haul:
I needed another black eyeliner pencil and got this one.
Maybeline NewYork Line Definer in "Black Onyx "
It glides on beautifully and the swatch below is of 1 single passage. Additionally doesn't smudge too much and the color is quite intense.
I'll be sure to share my full opinion on that one soon!

Tried to smudge it...


  1. LOVE the Barry M blush colours you chose. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! Lemme know if they last and I'll put them on my list to buy in 2010 as I'm cutting down my make up spending when I get bk from New York!

  2. ohh yea do let us nw how it turns out :D
    i wna give it a try 2!

  3. ohhh these look so pretty! I got the email and had to seriously hold back from ordering them! lol

  4. Wow, thats super bright color blush and I love it... I love super pigmented blushes. Nice!

  5. Wow i love how bright the blushes are! I've been tempted to buy lots of them, but i already have so many blushes!
    The eyeliner looks really high quality too. I'm terrible with pencil eyeliner, the one i have at the moment is from Claire's accessories and it's useless!
    I hope you don't mind me following and commenting here, i'm brand new to makeup blogging :)

  6. That blush looks amazing. I've been looking for a blush like that.

  7. I got that Barry M rasberry blush..and I love it so much its one of my favourites in my make up e eyeliner as wel e one wiv e pink cover in Noir Black its also good..