Monday, 31 August 2009

Product of the week/ Find of the week

2 posts in 1...
My product of the week is my 28 neutral eyeshadow palette that I bought on ebay. I've done neutral looks pretty much everyday last week and this palette has come in very handy!!!
I love that there are different finishes and that the colors will suit any skin-tone!
The palette is cheap, very useful even if it tend to be too powdery :((

I still love it therefore its under my spotlight this week!


My find of the week isn't really a "find" its just kind of a "reminder" and its about beauty products you can buy on ebay.
Everyone can tell you ebay is a great place to buy cheap stuff in the comfort of your home but the downfall with that (just like with any online purchase) is that you can't verify the quality and authenticity of the product. So many people find themselves with bogus beauty products and nasty surprises.
Luckily I haven't had such bad experiences yet (touch wood...) and trained my eye to spot the fake one from the real deal.
This week I was looking for MAC eyeshadows on ebay and there was this listing for a MAC eyeshadow in "Passionate" and the seller wrote in the item description that it was a MAC eyeshadow and the box had the "advantage" of having under the eyeshadow a mirror and an applicator.
I thought to myself poor person, maybe she doesn't know that those ones are fake...
MAC eyeshadows do not have mirrors or applicators!!!
I doubt the person was aware of that thought... poor soul!
A few month back I saw a listing of someone selling MAC eyeshadows (buy it now type of listing). and if you bought the product you got to choose your shade. The person had group pictures of the eyeshadows and you could clearly see that some had mirrors and applicators and she even did a close-up on those.
Yet they were advertised as 100% genuine MAC products.
I sent the seller a question asking if she was sure they were 100% genuine knowing that MAC don't sell in that type of container. Needless to say I never received an answer...

I found this usefull guide on what is fake and what isn't.
Just do a quick google or youtube search and you'll find tons of information and pictures to help.

Wow that was some rant... sorry lol
But yeah just to say be careful of what you buy on ebay.
If it sounds too good to be true it probably is...


  1. Thanks for sharing, I love getting deals on Ebay but I stay away from purchasing any high-end makeup from Ebay esp MAC. If for any reason I would decide to purchase any MAC it would be something I really love and it's limited edition/discontinued but I have read from a blogger that MAC as a program where you have a call a specific # to get products that are discontinued and limited edition and its ships right to your home, its called 'Gone But Not Forgotten'. Apart from that I love purchasing other makeup goodies from Ebay, way cheaper and greater deals/discounts.

  2. rants are totally normal. and that's sort of what a blog is for. we're here to listen and learn. lol. :D

  3. its good to expose the fakes from the real deal..great post :D