Thursday, 20 August 2009

Pressing pigments

Hello Biuties!
The subject that is on my mind today is pressing pigments.
I don't own any MAC pigments, I have 14 BarryM pigments and I already tried to press about 7 of them and it was a disaster.
Here's what I ended up with:
A huge mess!!!

I did loads of research before doing it and it turned out fine at first but after a few days it was just crumbling away. At least I saved the pigments and got them back in their respective pots.
My problem with pressing pigments is that I don't know the consistency it is supposed to have and exactly how much alcohol I need to put in there.

In all the 7 pigments that I pressed only 2 hold up :(
I'll give it another try this weekend.
So if any of you have any advice please do share :D


  1. Oki, ignore y previous ciomment on your first post. You can't press Barry M pigments. Mac pigments are fone, though some don't press as well as others. There's a list somewhere on Specktra telling you which ones give problems.

    I drop enough alky to make it soggy - not TOO soggy, mix it up, leave it for a few mins, press and voila!

  2. I have pressed some MAC pigments & TKB Trading of mine and what I did was pour in a lil jar the pigment + teaspoon of alcohol and a drop of glycerin. Mix it but don't let it be too mushy. The consistency should be like when you add eggs to flour. Once you pour it in the tin, tap the tin to allow the mixture to be all over the circumference of the inside of the tin. Allow it to dry for 20 mins or so, then take a cloth and a coin the size of the tin and press the coin on top of the cloth over the pigment to release some the wetness out of the pigment. Do so 3 times and then leave it to dry for couple more minutes again. I think it should help or to make it easier, Coastal scents website as a video on how to press pigments, just like how I might be explaining it. Hope it helps! :)