Thursday, 20 August 2009

"New" Palette

Since I've been buying quite a few MAC eyeshadows I wanted to put them in a bigger palette and by depotting them I could get a free lippy :)))
After yesterday's delivery I put everything in the same palette
I bought the palette on ebay from a seller called Jolieeeee, I buy most of my palette from her because I like her prices and she generously combines the shippings.
Anyways here's my "new" palette:

From left to right:
  • Sumptuous Olive, Steamy, One -Off, Newly Minted, Parrot Green (BarryM), Electric Eel, Freshwater
  • Expensive Pink, Sable, Trax, Fuchsia (BarryM), Romping, Fashion Groupie, Strike a Pose
  • Tempting, Goldmine, Rated R, Brun, Forgery

  • I absolutely LOVE palettes!!
    You get all your eyeshadows in one place and you can see everything and it takes a lot less place.

    What do you think I should get next?


  1. Nice colors choices, I love your palette. That ebay seller is a great seller, really like their prices on ebay. If you like Electric Eel then other matte colors I suggest are Chrome Yellow, Orange and Rule. Also Ricepaper (a terrific highlight color), Coppering, Gorgeous Gold, Amber Lights, Stars N Rockets, Deep Truth, Sketch & Beauty Marked. If you like dupes like me: Milani powder e/s are great dupes for MAC and are same size as MAC e/s when depotted. Colors like Shock, Atlantis, Flare & Sun Goddess are some terrific dupes.

  2. I agree with Gorgeous Gold, and it will go nicely with Rated "R"!!

    In fact all the colours rayqueenbee suggested are nice!

    If you want to expand your blues I'd suggest Tilt, it will go well with Steamy, Electric eel & Freshwater!

    There are LOADS more I could suggest, but I'd be here all day! What kind of colours/shades do you want recs on? That might be easier!

    Have fun with your palette! (",) xXx

  3. Hey Girly!

    Loving ur blog! Your palettes look ADORABLE! I am pretty new with I have yet to think about depoting and creating my own palettes but I cant wait to try. I wanted to ask ya too...a little off the subject - how do you get three columns on ur blog? I am pretty new to blogger :( Well, following you on blogger now - feel free to pass by my blogger and follow if you would like :)


  4. Thank you for all the suggestions, they are all in my wishlist and my MAC basket :)))

  5. hi,
    I buy from Jolieeeee
    I was really satisfied
    I totally forgot about her
    thanks for the update :D