Friday, 21 August 2009

New lippy Haul!!

Hello Biuties!
Its 2.30am, can't sleep because I slept all evening and the man is snoring like there's no tomorrow!!! So I'm blogging lol.

First of, thank you for all the comments on the "new" palette and the propositions about the next e/s I should buy.
I took notes of all of them and wanted to swatch them at my MAC store when going to pick up my free lipstick.
But my plans were cut short as the man was literally holding my wallet so that I didn't buy anything. He wasn't even buying the swatching argument... How rude eh! So I'll have to sneak out and check them out some other time.
At least he let me get my free lippy although he tried to choose the shade (btw don't let man choose your makeup for you they just pick all of the wrong colors and I'm sure they do it on purpose!)
So as I'm in my purple lippy phase I picked up "Up The Amp" which is so gorgeous I had to have it!!

I'm so exited about this one I have to put it on during the day tomorrow.
But there is the hot new pink one I bought a few days ago that I want to try as well...
So many choices!
What do you think e/s color I should use with the purple lipstick?


  1. Love it! It's such a pretty color ;]

  2. I love it, beautiful purple color. You could do goldmine on the lid with a deep brown in the crease or any neutral look, definitely want to see what you come up with dear.

  3. I love Up The Amp in the tube more so than on my lips. It's a pretty color, I just have yet to figure out how to totally rock it. I wore it with a wash of Tea Time pigment, liner, and big lashes.